Green Earth Tree Feeders

Organic Fertilization


Why should I fertilize my trees?

Tree Health

  • Improved root development
  • Increased root development
  • Better drought resistance
  • Less insects and disease naturally

Lawn Health

  • Less weeds naturally
  • Natural pH adjustment
  • Organic Ingredients (Compost Tea, Humic & Fulvic Acids, Kelp, Endo Mycorrhizae , Ecto Mycorrhizae, Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, Yucca Extract)

Property Value

  • Trees improve your property value
  • Less change of storm damage to property

Holganix™ (whole-gan-x) - A 100% organic plant probiotic that balances the soil's ecosystem, building strong roots and growing healthier, more resilient plants. Instead of chemicals, Holganix™ uses an abundant and diverse list of beneficial microorganisms, microbial food sources and organic additives that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective plant treatment available. By using Holganix™, you can reduce your inputs by up to 75%. With Holganix™, you can utilize sustainable plant care practices... and get great results!


Specializing in Organic Fertilization for Native Texas Trees.

Key Ingredients

The foundation of Holganix™ was built with the soil and plants in mind. Each ingredient is selected for its unique capabilities.

Concentrated Compost Tea: Concentrated in a patented method, providing indigenous microorganisms – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes – that foster a biologically diverse soil ecosystem.

Humic and Fulvic Acids: Supports respiration of microorganisms in the soil, enhances seed germination and promotes root development and absorption of micronutrients.

Kelp: Stimulates uptake of plant nutrients, promotes seed germination and plant cell division.

Endo Mycorrhizae: Penetrates plant roots and assist with water and nutrient uptake.

Ecto Mycorrhizae: Grow in association with plant roots and assist with water and nutrient uptake.

Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria: Aids in the nitrification process, making nitrogen available from the soil and atmosphere.

Yucca Extract: A natural spreader sticker, wetting agent and soil conditioner.

For a full list of Holganix™ ingredients, click here.

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